Helping our students succeed in real life

Our staff, students, parents, and other stakeholders have worked together to identify common Big Picture goals. By being enrolled in Big Picture Educational Academy, we hope our students will learn how to:

  • Use creative, innovative, and critical thinking to make a difference
  • Use their passions, talents and skills to create a future that excites them and contributes positively to our world
  • See the adventure, opportunity, connections, and possibilities in life
  • Act with respect towards themselves, others and our world
  • Create their own financial independence in win/win ways
  • Turn dreams and ideas into reality
  • Accept life’s challenges with a resilient and flexible attitude
  • Create a happy and healthy life balance
  • Communicate with empathy, openness, and integrity
  • Embrace fun and live with curiosity

The 2022-23 LCAP provides our three-year plan for continued improvement and development. In 2022-23 we will continue the specific actions undertaken to address the varied academic and social-emotional needs of our students.

Our Five Goals


Through a comprehensive school-wide focus on math in alignment with the 2019-20 Special Education Plan, BPEA students will improve their distance from standard on SBAC in Math by more than 25 points each year for all students, SPED, English Learners, Socioeconomically disadvantaged, and Hispanic student groups.


English Learners at BPEA will be well-supported through Integrated and Designated ELD to make rapid progress toward English Language Proficiency, resulting in a high to very high English Learner Progress Indicator (ELPI) and greater than 10% reclassification annually.


BPEA students develop a strong foundation of academic and real-world skills through highly effective instruction and authentic learning experiences. In terms of student achievement (Goal 3), we will continue to provide a comprehensive standards-aligned instructional program in conjunction with a comprehensive assessment system. We will use the results of assessments to differentiate instruction within classrooms and to inform our system of intervention. We will provide extended learning opportunities such as dual enrollment, after-school, and summer school, as well as opportunities to learn through internships. We will provide a comprehensive College and Career Counseling program to set goals and create a plan for the future. We will provide systemic English Language Development for our English learners and a comprehensive Student Services program for our students with IEPs/504 plans or other unique needs. Teachers will be supported through professional development to implement our curriculum and instructional model, including a comprehensive system of teacher observation and coaching.


Students and families are engaged and empowered to partner with BPEA to achieve academic success. Families will be supported to participate actively in the life of the school and their child’s education through frequent workshops, family events, and opportunities for input. We will use multiple methods of communication to keep parents informed, including Facebook and Remind, weekly announcement videos, and monthly Town Hall updates. In terms of our work to maintain a positive culture and climate, students are supported in social emotional learning and mental health, as well as supportive practices in behavior, attendance, and student activities.


BPEA is a valued partner in the community, offering quality K-12 and adult learning opportunities. In terms of our work to continue as a valuable community partner (Goal 5), we will partner with local businesses and organizations to support student learning, actively recruit students from the community, and maintain a safe, clean school facility in good repair.