About the Advisory Approach

The Big Picture Way is led by the innovative Big Picture Education advisory approach. This approach moves the traditional Teacher/Student relationship into one of a partnership between an Advisor and a Learner, and translates classes into small learning communities called “Advisories.”

This focuses on the importance of the Teacher/Student relationship in learning by giving more time for one-on-one learning conversations and self-discovery so that personalized learning can flourish. It also values the place that the development of a healthy learning culture and community plays in a student’s success—giving life to the research that says learners learn best from learners.

The Advisor

Each student at Big Picture is assigned a dedicated Advisor who works in partnership with them and their family to develop a Personalized Learning Plan (PLP) with the student.

An Advisor is a qualified Teacher and does teach, however they do significantly more; they are committed to individualizing and personalizing student learning plans and supporting a student to achieve their learning goals by:

  • Developing a deep understanding of how the student learns, behaves, and is motivated
  • Supporting the student with developing an understanding of themselves so they can self-manage their learning
  • Acting as an advocate for the student in the planning processes with the wider Teaching Team
  • Encouraging a growth mindset
  • Linking learning to real-world opportunities
  • Developing and delivering Essential Learning Programs for their advisory
  • Focusing the student on tangible progress
  • Working in partnership with the student, their family, the school and the wider community

The Advisory Group

Big Picture students learn in small learning communities with their Advisor, this is called an advisory. Students work in their advisory with their Advisor as much as possible to ensure a strong learning community is formed.

The advisory group helps each other to manage their time, plan work, find real-world mentors, build on their learning goals, and complete projects. This way, the advisory becomes a great support system for each student, like a family group at school with its own culture and personality.

Students are expected, as part of their learning program, to actively participate in becoming respectful, caring, and productive members of their advisory group.