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About the program

Big Picture High School (BPHS) is a public charter school located in Old Historic Fresno. BPHS is a School of Choice offering a college/career prep program for all students. Students are able to pursue their passions through project based instruction and community internships.

Our Focus

Helping students develop real-world skills and knowledge

Our goal is to use internships and rigorous, interest-based projects to immerse students in work they are passionate about in order to develop the skills, habits, and knowledge to succeed in higher education, overcome obstacles to their well-being, and contribute positively to their communities. This mission is implemented one student at a time within a supportive network of staff, students, parents, and community partners.

An interest-based learning, unique to each student

Big Picture High School is a project and interest based school where students can pursue their passion while also meeting the state academic standards and the UC (A-G) requirements. The school philosophy is to serve students “One Student at a Time.” We have internships in the community, where students work with a community mentor in an area of their interest and then complete a project around the work they are doing at the internship. Students have personal learning plans that are developed with the student, parent, advisor/teacher, and mentor. These plans are reviewed quarterly after the student’s exhibition of learning. After this, the students revise their personal learning plans. Parents are families who are actively involved in the learning process, helping to shape the student’s learning plan and are enrolled as resources to the school community. The result is a student-centered learning design, where students are actively invested in their learning and are challenged to pursue their interests by a supportive community of educators, professionals, and family members.

The advisor

Each student at Big Picture High School is part of a small learning community of 20 or less students called an advisory. The advisor, a teacher who works with this small group of students for the duration of their high school experience, assists the students with their instructional programs and builds a relationship with each student and their families. Each student works closely with his or her advisor to identify interests and personalize learning. The advisory becomes a “home away from home” for the student.

Learning Through Internship/Interests

Our Internship Program, or LTI (Learning Through Internship/Interests), is a key component of our students’ education. Projects are built around and for their LTIs. Each student, 9-12, is expected to actively pursue and participate in an LTI while enrolled at Big Picture High School. We have a school day during the week dedicated to our LTI program. This is where students go out into the community and work at their LTI sites. This helps our students gain real world knowledge and experience. We have a team of educators that are here to help each student succeed in their respective LTIs. Advisors and LTI coordinators work closely with students and their families to find the right fit for each individual.

Project-Based Learning

At Big Picture High School, our hands-on, project-based, deeper learning instructional model intentionally utilizes real-word scenarios to enhance students’ critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, communication, and problem solving skills needed for life and in our current and future work environment. We also use our project-based approach to connect with businesses and service organizations whenever possible.

the Culture

Culture can be hard to measure in schools, but is an area of great importance if lifelong learning is to take place. At Big Picture High School, we have a culture of performance, respect, and trust that permeates all levels of the school. From the students to the teachers, to the administrative assistants, to the campus security and the administrators, we are all responsible for performing at our best on a daily basis. We expect everyone to treat others with the utmost respect. We also expect our facilities to be treated with respect. We give each other the space and right to fail. We trust in each other to learn from our failures, be resilient and keep growing.


If you are interested in enrolling, please either fill out our interest form for more information, or submit an enrollment application.

Application Form

If you would like to submit application, please fill out the following form and mail it to us at 1207 S. Trinity, St. Fresno, CA 93706

Interest Form

If you are interested in, or have questions about enrolling in the High School 9-12 program, please click this link and answer the questions on the pop-up form. Someone will contact you within two school days to answer your questions.

Extended Learning Program

The Extended Learning Program is a free program that provides academic support, enrichment-based activities, and a free snack program. Academic support at Big Picture Educational Academy’s Extended Learning Program will provide free tutoring and homework assistance Monday through Friday. Enrichment activities every day the after school program runs will provide a range of activities and hands-on lessons in academic subjects such as reading, language arts, mathematics, history, social science, performing arts, physical fitness, health, and nutrition. Snack-CDE (California Department of Education Administered After School Program) will provide a free daily snack to every student enrolled in the program.

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